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Fairytale Fun with The Little Butterfly Girl

Bridget Saunders is 11-years-old and relies on her power wheelchair to navigate her way through life.  She knows the Lord must have a purpose for all her struggles, but still longs to fly and be free like the characters in her favorite fairytales.  The desires of Bridget’s heart touch the Lord and He soon sends her on a journey into the world of butterflies that will forever change the way she sees her wheels and the lives of a few special friends. 

I believe God gave us imaginations so can we better recognize His great power and miracles. Growing up with a disability, I often felt left out by my classmates (even they didn’t mean to exclude me) because there were things I just couldn’t physically do. So, I’d use my imagination to find freedom from my limitations. Jesus would often meet me in one of the enchanted places I’d venture off to during my “recess daydreams.” He’d remind me that I wasn’t broken in His eyes, but rather created with an unique purpose. The Little Butterfly Girl was born out of those memories.

At a time when all our activities are limited due to social distancing, it’s even more important that we stimulate our imaginations. Therefore, I invite you and your loved ones to join in Bridget’s journey and discover your own special gifts. There are some fun discussion questions at the back of the book (there is also a separate printable PDF of the questions in the links below). As a companion to the book, I’ve created a couple creative activity sheets you can print and do together! I hope they help you remember that a little faith will you wings!

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The Little Butterfly Girl: Revised Tenth Anniversary Edition
The Little But…
By Brooke Brown
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The Little Butterfly Girl Creative Activities

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