Transforming the Heart of YOUR Story Workshop


Gather a group of friends, co-workers, classmates or whoever you can find and come meet me, so I can help you discover the Power in YOUR Story with the Butterfly Touch! As a woman who has had to overcome countless societal barriers due to having a physical disability, I understand that sharing our own personal stories is our most powerful tool for initiating positive change in our community. In this workshop, I will guide participants as they start on their journey to find the most comfortable form and perfect voice for their stories, so they can be shared in any setting and with encouraging intentions. A story can be written, shown, just spoken, performed or it may have a little bit of everything.  It’s up to the storyteller. There will be writing prompts, format tips, discussion questions and a few conversation exercises to help you see what works best for you. Give me enough notice and I can come to wherever you are! Depending on the level of participation, the workshop can run up to two hours and tailored to all types of storytellers.

The NEW (2nd Edition) companion workbook is available online now at Barnes & Noble and Amazon, so you can get a jumpstart!

Example prompts are:

  • Think of an inspirational book or movie that really hits home and make it about you.
    Who’s in the cast? What’s the storyline and main plot points? Is there an overall message?
  • Write a short letter to a past version of yourself about a challenge they’re facing. What about your current circumstances would bring hope?

Book a time and place for your group today!

E-mail me at to discuss fees and location arrangements. Download and share the flyer here.

Brainstorming Tools

If you bought the new edition of Transforming the Heart of Your Story or recently attended a workshop and would like extra copies of the BBT Mind Map template, Story Idea/Questions worksheet or Journey Map worksheet, you may download them by clicking the links below:

bbt journey map handout

bbt mind map handout

BBT Story Worksheet

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