I wanted to take a few moments to let anyone know who may be thinking of having Brooke Brown speak at any of their events, DO NOT HESITATE! She is an amazing and motivational speaker.

I think what is so unique about Brooke’s approach is that while most motivational speakers focus on a person’s gifts and how to use them, which in some ways is easy, Brooke’s approach is to motivate the audience to not only utilize their God given gifts, but how to discover purpose in one’s limitations as well.

Brooke spoke at my Leadership conference, and the women were inspired to grow and to dream bigger than they have been to pursue their passions and goals.

It is an honor to know Brooke, and it is so easy to be inspired by her sheer will to trust in all that God has in store for her! Her presentation ADAPT and Discover God’s Plan for you is appropriate for so many different venues. Don’t miss out on this jewel!

Pam Phillips

Minister of Women

Highlands Church

Highlands Church Women’s Ministry