As the marketing and promotions coordinator for S.T.A.R. – Stand Together And Recover Centers, Inc. I have had the opportunity to work with Brooke Brown on a few different occasions. Brooke has facilitated introductory and advanced Sharing Your Recovery Story workshops for the members at S.T.A.R. who are looking for a way to express their successes in recovery, while developing a deeper understanding of the recovery journey. Members who attend the training receive feedback on the story sharing process and leave the workshop empowered and informed on ways to communicate their journey and share hope with others. This workshop could be beneficial to anyone who has experienced hardship or overcome obstacles through their life’s journey and should not be limited to those who live with mental health conditions or struggle with substance abuse. Brooke is a very experienced facilitator and her preparation and dedication to her workshops shows. Her energy and zest for life and helping others share their story is infectious and it is inspiring to watch Brooke help develop our membership. Hearing the members reflect on the workshop with enthusiasm and eager to share their triumphs with others who may be struggling in their recovery is a cycle I would like to encourage. Thank you Brooke for doing your part to help end stigma!


Ashlei W.

Marketing and Promotions Coordinator

S.T.A.R. – Stand Together And Recover Centers,  Inc

Testimonial for S.T.A.R. Workshops