The Healing Details


It’s so wonderful to teach a group of people that’s completely eager to share their stories. After two successful introductory workshops, the S.T.A.R Centers  wanted to kick off summer by having me come back and teach an advanced workshop, which I call “Shaping Your Voice.” In it, we discussed different brainstorming tools such as, mind maps, notecards and story tables to help get the members’ ideas organized.

Everyone was also anxious to learn how not to get bogged down by the challenges in their stories, so we explored the seven questions every story should answer (see previous post). Then members had an opportunity to share in front of the group, keeping in mind that explaining every detail of the trauma they’ve experienced isn’t nearly as valuable as describing the healing process.

It’s the journey of recovery that has power. Sharing that story will empower those around you to see the good in their own hardships and build others up themselves. Be brave. Speak to inspire hope. Finish well.

“Some days you feel life is on the upswing; other days it’s flat. Sometimes you sense the miracles in your life; other times life seems very ordinary. Are you energized today to meet a challenge head-on? or do you feel tired and trapped? Life’s circumstances can make you feel like a yo-yo, but don’t allow the ups and downs to get you down. Commit to God to fight the good fight, finish the race, and keep the faith (2 Timothy 4:7).” – Joni Erickson Tada


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