Prayers, Dreams and Goals

“The difference between dreams and goals is subtle, but it’s important we make a distinction. A goal is simply a well-defined and specific target. While it’s true that a dream is also a target, it’s the big-picture, broad-side-of-a-barn kind of target. Goals are smaller targets that act as stepping-stones to get to the bigger target that is your dream.”  -David A.R. White

I started Brooke’s Butterfly Touch: Creative Storytelling Services  in 2014 to help others discover the power in their own stories in order to cultivate hope, emotional healing, acceptance, and new opportunities. The last four years have been quite a journey. 2018 has been full of ups, downs, learning experiences, and steppingstones; all of which give me hope for the year ahead. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to give many workshops and presentations throughout the state. But, I want to be able to serve the community better, with more events and resources. I’m in the process of applying for official nonprofit status, but it will be a few months before it’s secured and I can apply for grants, etc.

So, in honor of Giving Tuesday, I would be so grateful for your help in the following areas:

  • Funding for event promotion and space rental or table/booth vendor fees
  • Funding for printed materials (books, handouts, notebooks/journals, flashcards, etc)
  • Funding for video and online course production
  • Funding for travel expenses

I know there are many other wonderful, well-established ministries that need your donations too, so please give as you feel led. Whatever God puts on your heart is a blessing. Just remember, there’s a reason that sharing our stories is powerful. We were created by the ultimate storyteller. Therefore, storytelling is the most universal form of human communication. God hardwired our brains to take in life’s seemingly random events and put them in sequence, so we can start to see the meaning and purpose of them all. Stories also always have a main character who wants something and through that character, the author can deal with life’s biggest questions. The character will always face conflict, which helps us reflect on situations in our own lives. And the character will almost always find resolution, which offers us hope for our own circumstances.

Donate with these links:

Give through PayPal
Give through Gofundme



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