Books for Blessing Students

A dear friend of mine is always reminding me that God will do miracles if we ask and believe He is able (Mark 11:23-24). I have seen the truth of this in profound ways lately. During the next month, I’ve been invited to speak at both Midwestern University and Grand Canyon University in three classes, sharing my experiences with disability in terms of communication in school, assistive technology and tools, as well as human dignity. What a dream! As part of these speaking engagements, I hope to bless the students with my books through giveaways and/or deep discounts. But, to do that I need to place a large order (preferably 100 copies of each book). Since I self publish through, the books will cost roughly $2,000. Brooke’s Butterfly Touch doesn’t have that kind of funding right now.

So, I’m going to take a huge leap of faith and trust that if it’s His Will, God will do a miracle beyond my expectations (the kind that I’m always scared to ask for). In light of this, I would humbly ask you to please pray about donating to the book fund in the next four days to help me bless and encourage the students I’m about to meet. I’d like to order by Wednesday, September 25th. Thank you so much for your love and support!,

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