When God Disrupts Us

How did the real world suddenly become a scene from the movie, “Outbreak?” I know I’m not the only who’s been wondering this over the last couple weeks. While I’m not at all afraid because I trust that if God can bring me through 20+ surgeries with few complications, then He will protect me from a virus; this pandemic has been an extremely frustrating disruption in my daily life.

My mother has always been exceedingly over-protective of me, due to my physical limitations, but with the onset of COVID-19, she has pretty much put me on house arrest. I can’t even argue because the majority of my weekly activities have been suspended, along with a couple big upcoming events being cancelled or postponed. Anyone who knows me well is aware that I don’t like spending entire days at home, unless I have friends over or I’m trying to finish a project. When I’m stuck at home for extended periods of time I quickly get lonely, depressed, and actually “feel disabled.” So, as you can imagine with that said, I’ve been in quite a funk the last few days.

However, as I’ve watched my church and other favorite ministries still reaching out and offering support and encouragement to the community, God’s been nudging my heart to find a way to honor Him during my time of “social distance.” My first thought was just to focus on finally finishing the couple projects which I’ve been procrastinating. But then, I also received an email from my former pastor, which said,“God often uses disruptions in our lives to advance His purposes and message to the world around us. Be praying for God to give you some creative insight on how you can be used with your family, neighbors and friends during this time. When the stories come in about how God used this time in our lives, we will see the WHY behind God’s allowing all of this at this time.

THAT’S IT! Letting the stories of how God has moved in times of pain and hardship be heard is the purpose of this ministry. So, I may not be able to lend you much physical help, but I can offer you my ear and give you a voice. Tell me your story (written, voice recording, video; whatever you’re comfortable with) and I will share it here. Let’s see who we can encourage!

If you don’t know where to start, try simply answering these questions:

  • How have you been effected by the pandemic?
  • What are you learning or what is God teaching you during this difficult time?
  • Is there anything you’ve been able to accomplish while keeping a distance?

“Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you; he will neither fail you nor abandon you.” -Deuteronomy 31:8, NLT

One thought on “When God Disrupts Us

  1. Anna Murdock says:

    Q-How have you been effected by the pandemic?
    A- As a Pilates teacher, I have been affected by the decrease in my clientele, as well as by the sadness around the growing fear that this virus and the news media have influenced in my family and friends.
    Q-What are you learning or what is God teaching you during this difficult time?
    A- I am personally seeing what is truly important to me and what might be frivolous aspects to my day to day endeavors. God is helping me to even more deeply appreciate my health and freedom, as well as how much I cherish my community.
    Q-Is there anything you’ve been able to accomplish while keeping a distance?
    A- YES!! My husband and I have been taking this extra time to focus on our BAM 💥 program which is a Balance and Alignment Method teaching people true physical education of not only their bodies, but also the spiritual and emotional aspects of Balancing life in general and Aligning to our hearts desires!!


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